Bodyguard Services in Turkey

Private security staff to ensure that their data services serving many organizations and security. Having experienced security personnel and the training that they have received a better service data. After completing the training of private security personnel and the required exams after they qualify for special security identity card. Some companies run special security ID cards are not staff a quality service can not get inside they are trying to inexperienced personnel in it.

Services have taken a firm’s corporate and attention must be paid to refans. Altai security family security personnel passing choose from when selecting a stage. You will see all corporations in our reference for it.

Altai security agreement with a company to provide service when the project location before visiting and meeting with our professional staff to prepare risk analysis by the company’s criteria for choosing the appropriate personnel. When choosing the private security personnel primarily CVs have examined later staffing firms are eligible are invited to interview, interview the staff are going through the qualification stage subjected to examination and taking the necessary training are beginning to serve the project. Altai security;

By applying the law of 5188, we serve with all our staff with special security identity card project.

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