Close Protection in Turkey

VIP Private Security Company


Bureaucrats, businessmen, artists, scientists needing high level of protection as that man or private services to individuals and business who needs maximum prevention to protect the habitat VIP private security companies; close protection service is provided and with special security measures to avoid any danger yönelicek against these people. VIP private security companies; explosives, advanced driving techniques, tactical shooting, has a staff team of experts in close defense and counter-attack techniques. In this way, the people who need protection level that prevents all threats to VIPs and eliminate.

Altay Security and Protection Services Ltd. Sti. With experienced staff and field experts it offers services to individuals and organizations of all social status. VIP status of individuals in need of protection, the task of examining the habits and performed a risk analysis and safety plan in this direction are formed. Altai Security and Protection Services Ltd. With the security offered by the invisible shield Co.; VIP protection for people in need are able to continue their lives in safety and comfort.

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